Express your gratitude—to your Creator—and to the people who deserve it.


You will come across more happiness when you show gratitude to someone who you owe a thanks—that is to say, if someone deserves to get a gratitude from you, do not forget to do it.

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Research reveals that gratitude can lead to increased determination, energy, enthusiasm, and academic achievement.

Researchers at the Harvard Business School found that “Happier people give more and giving makes people happier, which in turn may operate in a positive feedback loop.That is to say–happier people giving more, getting happier, and giving even more.

Over a period of time, gratitude leads to lower stress, and improve individual well-being. According to researchers, people who express gratitude are more conscientious, agreeable, open, and extroverted.

Gratitude shows a boost in happiness and a decrease in depression.

According to a 2001 research Bythe Institute for Research on Unlimited Love (IRUL), based in Ohio–just 15 minutes a day focusing on the things you are grateful for will significantly increase natural antibodies in your body–will make you less vulnerable to clinical depression, and will keep your blood pressure and heart rate stable.

We have been in very restless time —everybody is superbly busy fulfilling everyone’s purpose. It’s far too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a busy job, workplace, or life, and to forget to take a moment or two every once in a while to give thanks–for all we have achieved in our lives–to those who helped us get there and for the people who constantly favor us in many different ways.

Your little gratefulness can make someone’s day. Your small smile can heal someone’s grief.

Never forget to say thank you to a rickshaw puller, or CNG driver after reaching your destination. You might pay him for his service, but still I think he deserves a thanks from you. Most importantly, your little effort can bring his life happiness—be it for short period of time.

Offer a warm thanks to the shopkeeper you buy things from. Express your thankfulness to anyone who brings a little help in your life. Be it your student, be it your younger siblings, or be it a little boy on the street.

People like to be appreciated for little favours they do for us, which often get ignored in our busy routines. When was the last time you thanked your little son for taking care of simple chore for you? Has your husband heard a compliment from you lately?

As the Prophet(PBUH)stated, “The one who does not give thanks for a small blessing will not give thanks for a great blessing, and the one who does not give thanks to people will not give thanks to Allah” (Abud Dunya).

The more we show gratitude, the more blessings we are offered with. Showing gratitude for the things we have is wonderful way to remain happy.

Fundamentally, we have many things to be grateful—to show gratitude. For every single breath we take is blessing. The light, the air, the water—we must show our gratefulness for every bit of blessing.

Express gratitude

How blessed we should feel when we see our parents,siblings,children  and people we care and love?

Shouldn’t we show our gratitude for our body with highly advanced biological mechanism we have which is capable of doing anything you purposefully wish for—the brain which is superior to any super computer—the time that we can neither buy nor create?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)warned us, “Good health and spare time are two of the blessings of Allah with respect to which many people are deceived.” (Bukhari)

How come we don’t show the gratefulness to Almighty constantly for every bit of blessing we are endowed with?

We must remain grateful even during time of our distress and calamities and respond accordingly – since we are tested in the period of our difficulties.

We tend to focus on the things that other people have—their wealth—their beauty—their possession—their social condition—their success. We constantly remind ourselves what we are lack in which in turn lock our chances of being happy.

Every night when I go to sleep, I offer my gratitude to Almighty. I spread mosquito net—I feel my soft pillow below my head—I, underneath me, feel my comfortable enough bed that I could afford so far. What more I want from Almighty? How many people can afford the things that I have the ability to afford?

I am grateful to every people who attempted to bring me down—for if they had  not done to me the worst things possible in their part ,I would not have been the me I am now. I am grateful to the people who have given me every chance to unveil my potential. My gratitude to the people who offered me any small bit of favor.

All praises go to Allah—the most Merciful, the most Kind.

My heartfelt gratitude to my Almighty.